Ability Awareness – I’m Tyler

I just had the opportunity to experience an incredibly motivating and inspiring presentation by Tyler of Waterloo, Iowa.

Tyler was discussing the need to engage in Ability Awareness. Ability Awareness involves “recognizing what a person, any person, CAN do is much more important than what he/she can’t. Many people have disabilities, of some sort, to difering degrees. But much more importantly EVERYONE HAS ABILITIES.”

Tyler is a sophomore at Hawkeye Community College. He has a yellow belt in karate. He was in his Waterloo West High School’s marching band. Tyler played a lead role in the Waterloo Community Theater. Tyler is an active young man . . . and Tyler has cerebral palsy.

Tyler is a person who doesn’t discuss what he can’t do. He concentrates on what he CAN do. Tyler earned his eagle scout and created the 7-minute video, I’m Tyler, as his eagle project (click here or on the image above to watch this video.) He and his family distribute DVDs of this video. They have shipped over 6500 DVDs. They don’t actively market the video, but they have had requests from all 50 states and over 20 countries and US territories. This is a message that needs to be shared.

Tyler has been honored by receiving the National CEC “Yes, I Can” award; UCC National Disabilities Minstry Award and the Iowa CASE “Tyler Student Achievement Award” scholarship. He has spoken at conferences across the country. This is a message that needs to be shared. Visit his website!

“Ability Awareness is looking past the disabilities to the Abilities. It’s Acknowledging Challenges, not obstacles, and find the accommoddations to conquer them. It working as a Team to reach a Common Goal . . . SUCCESS!!!”

Tyler has a dream . . . to change the world and the way it interacts with people with disabilities . . . to the world of CAN.

Go Tyler!!!

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