Dr. Z Loses Power in Zoom Class

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Even though I have made a reputation for teaching other educators how to use Zoom; regardless of the fact that I have been teaching synchronous online classes from my basement for the past 11 months; In spite of the fact that I have been teaching online for over 2 […]

9 Strategies to Optimize your Zoom Bandwidth

ARRRRRGH!   My Zoom is SO SLOW! Ever heard that?  Ever felt that? Watching your zoom session freeze up or listening to your students’ garbled talk because your throughput is too slow is frustrating.  It’s NOT a Zoom problem. It’s your Throughput. Throughput is a combination of bandwidth and computer speed. […]

Using Zoom on a Phone or Tablet

Using Zoom on a laptop computer can be easy.  If you are attending a class, you just need to enter the class and engage in what your teacher has planned for you.  But what if you have to use your phone or tablet?  How can you do all of the […]

How to Take Attendance During a Zoom Class

Welcome to the World of Online Learning!!! We have SO MANY opportunities in our online classes, but there are still administrative duties that we have to complete.  One of those seemingly trivial but important tasks is Taking Attendance.  How can we do that? In our regular, face-to-face class, we can […]

How to Write a Paper in a Weekend – Dr. Carr

The toughest part about writing a paper is “getting to it.”   I was cruizing YouTube tonight (instead of doing the writing I needed to do) when I found this 12-minute video about how to write a paper in a weekend.  This video is not fancy.  Dr. Pete Carr shares his insight […]