#1 – Trends in ICT Education in the USA workshop

On Thursday, Feb 23, I will be presenting a 75-min workshop, Trends in ICT Education in the USA as a follow-up day of workshops for the Conference on Vocational Training in Amman, Jordan. This will be part of an all-day workshop entitled Technology-Empowered Learning. Here is the SlideShare.net English Version. […]

Technology-Powered Learning

On Monday, Feb 20, I will be presenting a 30-min talk on Technology-Powered Learning at the Conference on Vocational Training in Amman, Jordan. This will be an exciting opportunity to share and discuss ideas for 21st Century Learning and Technology Education with educators from 20 countries. Here is the SlideShare.net […]

Using BackChannels in Lectures

What? You want students to chat online while I am lecturing? How can they do that? They won’t be paying attention to me and then they won’t learn everything that there is to know about the topic upon which I am lecturing!!!!!  This is the problem with technology. You think […]

Creating a Culture of Innovation

(CC) Hampton Roads Partnership What does it take to make innovation part of the culture?  Can innovation thrive in a school?  Can we create a culture that rewards innovation in our students?  What about the teachers – can they be rewarded for innovation? Steve Tobak recently wrote an article for […]

Gaming to Learn by Learning to Game

Gaming isn’t about merely playing games. It’s about learning through creative problem solving, social interaction, diplomacy, collaboration, and critical thinking. On Friday, December 9 at 1:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM Central Standard Time) the K-12 Online Conference will release a 20-minute presentation that I created on Gaming. (If you haven’t […]

K-12 Online Conference – Purposeful Play

Have you heard of the K12 Online Conference?  It is a wonderful idea! Once a year, educators submit 20-minute videos along a specific educational topic and then they release these videos throughout a 3-week virtual conference. The website describes it as a “FREE online conference open to ANYONE organized by […]

Products of Innovation

I have a bumpersticker on my car that says “Education is Innovation, Not Imitation”   It is exciting when we see minds who “think different.”  Here are a few products that I just found that exhibit innovation.  These may seem stupid, but fun.Each of the photos are linked to the […]

Digital Storytelling can be Strange.

Digital Storytelling is an instructional process where we are linking to the part of the brain that makes sense of the world from stories instead of facts. Both teachers and students will assure you that they will remember details better if they are embedded into a storyline instead of a […]

Making Learning Meaningful for Millennials

Today I have the opportunity to provide a session at The Way Up XXV conference in Des Moines. This is an opportunity for about 100 women from Iowa higher education to experience learning opportunities in seeking leadership. It is a wonderful opportunity for networking both professionally and personally. I am […]