Ducking My Blogging Responsibilities

OK, OK  . . .
So I have been ducking my responsibilities for keeping you informed of our wonderful trip to Beijing. (Don’t you just love that duck? <– Bernajean Porter took it outside a shop near Tiananmen Square. 

Actually I haven’t been too worried about our trip being documented. Our students, the Beijing Travelers, have been doing a great job of doing that. It has been a HOOT to watch these Teachers in a Strange Land running around with their Flip cameras recording anything that moves. It is even more fun to see them narrating their experience.

Look what is already posted:

  • If you want to see video about our flight to Bejing, check out Jamie Elliott’s video on our Flight to the New Land.
  • If you want to read about our Marathon Sightseeing, read Deb’s Diary by the same name. 
  • Want to know more about the schools we visited?  Read Jen’s posting called Wednesday at WAB where she discusses their visit to the Western Academy of Beijing.  I couldn’t make that trip because we were working on the conference, but Kathy’s photos of the school are quite impressive.
  • Here is a video of the Amazing Flying Acrobatic Show. 

I promise that I will do a better job of posting to this blog to keep you updated, but look at the ones I cited above and look down the right column of my blog (see them up there?) to see wonderful reporting of our trip.

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