I Have Been Online TOO MUCH!!!!!

 THAT’S IT!!! IT’S BEEN TOO MUCH!!! Today I returned to campus to sign some things and do some work. I have spent most of the last 7 months teaching from home in my basement. All of my classes have been online as well as my meetings. Just for a change, […]

30 Resources for Stopping Bullying at YOUR School

http://olivialauraryan.edublogs.org What are YOU doing to stop bullying at your school?   Bullying comes in many flavors. It can be angry gangs on the playground. It can be a punch in the shoulder or repeated namecalling in the school hallways as students move between classes. It can be “cool” girls making […]

Students Building their Personal Learning Networks

21st century learning is all about teachers and students being connected people and resources around the world. This is often discussed in teacher education classes but how often is it really experienced?  Do students’ assignments include challenges that encourage them to find and contact practicing teachers or subject experts as part […]