Speed Up Your Audio Learning

I was just reading Steve Pavlina’s Blog on Personal Development for Smart People. I just happened to bump into it when I was looking for fancy things I can do with phone texting. While I was there I read his posting, Overclock Your Audio Learning. He was talking about how […]

Wiki Webinar from Open Campus

Today I participated (along with 5 other UNI faculty) in a Wiki and Web 2.0 Webinar that was provided by Open Campus and sponsored by the SocialText wiki company. Here are the PowerPoint slides from the Webinar in .pdf format. It was a semi-interactive webinar where we had to enroll […]

Contact Dr. Z

Here’s how you can contact Dr. Z (Leigh Zeitz): email: zeitz@uni.eduTwitter: zeitzSkype: leighzeitzSecond Life: Leigh Writer What’s YOUR opinion? Leave a comment and keep the discussion going.