David Pogue @ ITEC

I am sitting in the Keynote of David Pogue at ITEC. Should be great. (Notice that he is wearing the UNI I.T. sticker?) I will try to blog this by publishing the posting periodically throughout the presentation. He started the presentation by saying “Ich Bin Iowaner”. Funny. Just started talking […]

Steve Wozniak at ITEC

I have just listened to Steve Wozniak talk about his life of fiddling and creating with technology all of his life. It was really quite interesting to hear that he was a geek from an early age. Someone just asked him for an outrageous dream. He responded that he would […]

Can you dance like this?

I know that this is supposed to be a reflective blog that considers the meaning of life and how we will educate students in the future, but I couldn’t pass up this video. I wish I could dance like this bird. (click on the photo) Z What’s YOUR opinion? Leave […]

Jena 6

I was reading the blog, Enter my world through my thoughts. Regine reviews the Jena 6 issue and does a great job in detailing the events that have occurred. If you are unfamiliar with the Jena 6 , I would suggest that you should go to her blog and read […]

Everyone’s a-Twitter about Twitter

Twitter? How do I get Tweets from my Twitter?This is Web 2.0 confusing. Twitter is a new Web 2.0 way to keep in touch with your friends’ whereabouts. It is IM-ing on Steroids. The main purpose of Twitter is to MicroBlog with information about what you are doing at that […]

Technology Integration: What is it?

Technology integration has so many different levels of success. It is tiring to hearing of educators who think that they are “effectively integrating technology” into their classroom because they are using PowerPoint to accompany their lectures. Technology integration is not about using technology. Technology integration is about providing the materials […]

Is the Medium the Message?

I must say that I am having a wonderful time reading and responding to the blogs that my students in our Emerging Instructional Technology course are writing. Different students are evolving in their expressions at different levels and it is exciting to see how things are growing. Some students are […]

Complete Fool’s Guide to Second Life

I was just reviewing the Second Life Tutorial website that I found while reading Steve A’s blog and I found the Complete Fool’s Guide to Second Life. This is a 72-page pdf file that takes you on a great tour of what you will experience in Second Life. Wish it […]