OLPC computer in Action in Peru

I have an OLPC XO computer in my house here in Iowa, but it wasn’t designed for me. The XO was designed for children in developing countries. I just received a link to a posting in the Generation YES blog where Sylvia Martinez is discussing using XO computers in Peru. […]

Periscope: Webcam or Security Cam

I was just surfing the web today when I dropped by freeverse.com. You may know about this company because of the wonderful games that they make. I was just perusing their applications when I found Periscope. This Mac-only software ($40) is billed as the “next generation of web camp software.” […]

New Software Update on Apple’s iPhone

The iPhone is in the news again. Gear Live has announced an update to the iPhone firmware to version 1.1.3. Some of this upgrade seemed pretty hokey, like watching the icons vibrate when they are ready to be moved. Other parts of this are totally awesome like the addition of […]

What Makes a Good PowerPoint?

I have spent years teaching students how to make good PowerPoint presentation. It seems to be working because their PPTs are getting better each year. The interesting thing is that the most effective way to teach success with PowerPoint is not to show them examples of good ones. It is […]

First OLPC computers deployed in Uruguay

It was exciting to see today that the first XO computers have been deployed at Escuela No. 24 in Villa Cardal, Uruguay. I was inspired to see Ivan Krstić’s posting about his trip below the equator to deliver the first batch of the production models. This delivery is actually an […]

Optimal Portfolio Organization

Standards Referenced. Artifact-Centered. Personal Bragbook. In my last posting, Digital Portfolios: Why Do We Do them?, I discussed digital portfolios and how their primary function needs to be to act as personal testimonials about your strengths rather than a standards check sheet to satisfy “the powers that be.” These are […]

Digital Portfolios: Why Do We Do Them?

Digital Portfolios are an interest of mine. A few years ago, Andy Krumm and I developed some templates to assist educators in creating digital portfolios that are aligned with their professional standards. These are called the Digital Portfolios Made Easy templates.Since then, we have done workshops and lectures across the […]

2020 Vision

2020 Vision is a 15-minute video developed by Karl Fisch as a staff development video to motivate Arapahoe high school teachers to engage in future visioning. It is set as that graduate speech at a high school graduation for students in 2020. He selected this year because these graduates would […]

Everything is R/evolution

I have been fascinated by Dr. Mike Wesch’s video reports on his exploration of mediated culture. He has created and posted 3 videos that have documented his travels into this topic. Web 2.0 . . . The Machine is Us/ing Us A Vision of Students TodayInformation R/evolution (Just posted in […]