Yes, I bought one

Yes, I bought an XO OLPC computer.  Why did I do it?  Besides the fact that it is a piece of history, I was able to provide a child in a developing nation with a computer.  I am excited to see what this computer can actually do.  It has built-in […]

OLPC Computer: Give One, Get One

Buy the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) computer for $400, and you get two. One of them will be shipped to your house and another will be shipped to a child in a developing nation. What is the OLPC? I first wrote about this revolutionary computer in my third posting […]

Collaboration in Second Life

I was just in Second Life trying to help a friend of mine, Ferdi Serim, in a presentation that he was giving at a conference. We were going to meet in the ISTE Innovation Center so that I could share my ideas on emerging technologies. I waited and waited until […]

Day 4 in New Orleans

Another day for meeting with students. This is Xavier’s GradStar recruiting fair. We met with students from Xavier, SUNO, and Dillard. There were 80 schools represented. It started out slowly, but soon a steady stream of students came to our table (we even walked the floor to direct them to […]

Day 3 in New Orleans

Time in New Orleans is passing quickly. Funny how time flies when . . . Today we had an opportunity to visit Xavier University. Cliff Highnam has had a connection with their communication program for a few years and had an opportunity to speak with about 15 of their communication […]

Day 2 – Recruiting in New Orleans

Today is the day we do what we came to do. This is the day that we go to SUNO (Southern University of New Orleans) to talk with potential grad students. Most of these students are juniors or seniors who are looking for a graduate school to attend to develop […]

Flickr Feed 4 Xtra Credit SL ISTE Fotos

What at title THAT is. Well I just thought that I would post the Flickr badge that I created that will show the Second Life pictures that my students have posted to Flickr. As you may remember, ISTE had a contest where visitors of the ISTE island in second life […]

Twitter Covers the World

I am receiving Tweets (that’s a Twitter message) from friends as they travel the world. They are all traveling from America to other parts of the world. The map above shows the homes of Twitter users. Looks like Europe is inundated and the US isn’t too far behind. I found […]


OK, you know that I spent Sunday through Tuesday in Des Moines at the state technology fair for the Iowa Technology and Education Connection organization. It was an opportunity for over 500 educators to compare notes and learn new things. We, the Instructional Technology division in Curriculum & Instruction at […]

Technology Coordinating for NewBees

This is a session designed for betining tech coordinators – hence the name. =-) Each plan is part of the CSIP. Technology Planning:CIPA – Children’s Internet Protection Act (Governs Images). Tech Plans: Every school applying for State telecommunications discounts, must have a tech plan approved and on file with STate […]