Day 4 in New Orleans

Another day for meeting with students. This is Xavier’s GradStar recruiting fair. We met with students from Xavier, SUNO, and Dillard.

There were 80 schools represented. It started out slowly, but soon a steady stream of students came to our table (we even walked the floor to direct them to our table.)

We met a number of ambitious students who were planning for their futures. I think that we had over 50 students complete our information sheets so that we can contact them in the future about coming to UNI.

I had to leave early so that I could catch a 5:30 flight. Had to get back to Cedar Falls so that I could MC the C&I Family Fest events at UNI.

I hope that we are able to get some of these students to UNI so that they can add to our bustling community.

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