First OLPC computers deployed in Uruguay

It was exciting to see today that the first XO computers have been deployed at Escuela No. 24 in Villa Cardal, Uruguay. I was inspired to see Ivan Krstić’s posting about his trip below the equator to deliver the first batch of the production models.

This delivery is actually an upgrade replacement for the beta units that were previously used down there. Just the beginning of the 100,000 that Uruguay has ordered. What I thought was interesting about Ivan’s posting was an aside that he includes about some usage data that he got from the beta computers. Apparently, he had included some data seems to measure usage. He found that, in 6 months, “kids created on average 1200 files or about 30-50MB on each machine, much of it writing and photographs from the built-in camera.” I don’t know if each computer was limited to an individual child. I would image that’s the case since it is One Laptop Per Child. That’s about 7 files a day. Sounds like they weren’t neglected.

Of course, the next question is what kind of files were created. That is for another posting when the data is available.

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