10 Ways to Get Teachers to Embrace Technology


Using Technology to support learning is a useful idea, but sometimes it is difficult to induce teachers to Embrace Change. Notice that I didn’t say Embrace Technology.  Change will only happen when educators believe that there is a reason to change and that it will make a positive difference in their students’ learning.  This applies to changes in using technology or pedagogy or subject matter – whatever.

I was pleased to see that ExitTicket’s suggestion for 10 Ways to Get Teachers Using Tech. While this is ExitTicket’s move to try to induce change in schools to use their product (and they include the disclaimer in their posting) I would suggest that you read and consider these ideas to bring about change in your schools.

I am listing these 10 ways, but I would suggest that you visit ExitTicket’s original site to learn about the particulars for each of these ideas:
  1. Ban Alternatives for a Week.
  2. Devote Time to Adding Content.
  3. Designate an Ambassador.
  4. Share Student Voices.
  5. Preserve Existing Routines. (at first)
  6. Put Resources in a Clean Package.
  7. Sync Your Account.
  8. Separate Initial Goals from Long-Term Goals.
  9. Tech Tuesday.
  10. Make It Fun.
Read through these and try them out.  I can’t wait to hear about your successes and challenges in making this happen.

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