19 Digital Storytelling Tools to Explore


Looking for some innovative tools for creating your digital stories? 

Ozge Karaoglu has shared 19 Digital Storytelling Tools on the Tech & Learning Advisor blog. She shares a plethora of audio, picture and animation tools that include the familiar and the new and exciting (at least they are to me.)

You should go to her posting to see this wonderful assortment. I am quite familiar with some of the standards that she posted including VoiceThread, Voki, Vocaroo, Jing, Animoto, GoAnimate and Xtranormal. But she included a panorama of new development scenery to begin exploring. Some of these tools include DVolver, DomoAnimate, PhotoPeach, Zooburst (3D popup book), Fotobabble and BubbleJoy.  

I can tell right now that I won’t be getting much done for the next few days.

I hope that you enjoy Ozge’s posting and visit her blog, Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog, where she has a wealth of other tools for you to explore.

Is your favorite Digital Storytelling tool included here?  Share it in the comments section below.  It would be good to round this off to an even 20 or 25 or 50 . . . 

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