Are Your Educational Games Actually Worksheets with Points? Here are 6 ways to Find Better Learning Games

I was just reading Cool Cat Teacher when I saw this posting.  It is an interesting topic but it was more interesting when I realized that I spent the last couple of days with the author, Kae Novak, here at ISTE.  She really knows gaming and I am learning a great deal as I work with the ISTE Gamers.  I will be movinging forward with introducing gaming into my fall classes and I am learning A LOT.

Pedagogical Tips on Gaming Successfully in the Classroom.

  1. Understand what makes a good game.
  2. Become a Game Master.
  3. Find good games.
  4. Learning best practices.
  5. Connect with other teachers using games.
  6. Consider how games can teach more.

You should go the the full posting at Cool Cat Teacher to read the rest of the discussion.

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