TED Talks About Gaming in Our Daily Lives

I was just reviewing the gaming videos on TED Talks and found some jewels. These are videos by leaders in the field that included some observations that opened my eyes.

The Game Layer on Real Life
Seth Priebatsch

Seth talks about building a Game Layer on the world. The game layer is already there. He points out that credit card schemes and airline reward programs are prime examples of a gaming format where citizens/players are rewarded for performing the desired behavior (i.e., spending money using credit cards.)  They are there, but not very well designed.

He says that the past decade has been spent building the Social Layer which is a framework for connections. This framework is done and it is called Facebook.   Now that we have the framework, it is necessary to build the Game Layer.  It is about using dynamics to influence how we behave.

He talks about 4 important gaming dynamics:

  1. Appointment Dynamic – in order to succeed, the player must do something at a specific time.
  2. Influence in Status – reward actions that will provide a specific level of status.
  3. Progression Dynamics – success is displayed and measured through itemized tasks.
  4. Communal Discovery – people working together to find a specific set of information.

When Games Invade Real Life
Jesse Schell

Jesse talks about “Beyond Facebook.”

He takes us on a long journey which uncovers a number of changes in our world that have been caused by the new gaming culture. He even talks about how gaming can be used to modify our behavior. He even talks about earning points while we brush our teeth in the morning. This supports Priebatsch’s idea of layering gaming over our real lives.  It’s difficult to explain his presentation but it is a real eye-opener and you should watch it.

These videos really made me thing about what gaming means to our lives.  It isn’t necessarily about jamming on Guitar Hero. It’s about the ubiquitous reward system that is possible in today’s digital world.

What do you think about this? Is gaming changing your life? Do you agree that we are on the threshold of the Gaming Age?


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