Google Apps is now MORE than Google

Google Apps has been a boon to schools all over the world. This was a packaged deal from Google where many tools are made available to the schools and school districts to create a controlled system for communication and collaboration.

Google Apps has been adopted by many schools and school districts. In 2010, whole states adopted Google Apps for their education programs. Oregon was the first one to “see the light” (Go Ducks!!) This was quickly followed by Iowa and Colorado. the states of Iowa and Oregon adopted Google Apps as their suite of tools available to all for free online.

These Google Apps typically include Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Docs, Sites, Video and Groups.  More recently, it has added Blogger and a few other offerings.

Now Google has expanded their offerings to include a variety of apps created and offered by private companies. These companies provide online curriculum and utilities for the students to use in their learning. This is another example of how Google made deep connections with institutions by providing them free services.  Now the Google conduit will provide pay-for-use resources like BrainPop, EasyBib and Aviary. It is difficult to tell from the news releases that I have found, but some of these may be for free.  You can see the list of offerings at the Google Apps Marketplace.

Are you using Google Apps for Education in your schools?  How do you think that these new offerings will be received by your teachers and students?

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  1. Sounds good……..just the idea of not having to install a CD on EVERY computer is a HUGE plus! Not to mention, I am sure there are thousands of options to choose from. There is something for every teacher to use!

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