Do Students Keyboard Faster on iPads or Computers – Research says . . .
While the research that compares keyboarding speed between ipad virtual keyboards and regular real-world keyboards is sparse, here is an article about some research that Brady Erin Cline did with his students, Typing: iPad vs Computer.  They were grades 3 – 6 (8 to 11 years old)

He found that his elementary students DID NOT type faster on the traditional keyboards than on virtual flat screen keyboards.   He found that they were about even in their speeds between the two venues.

He cited another study where young adults typed considerably faster on traditional keyboards (Chaparro et al., 2010)  

The limitations with these studies are that they are small populations and they both have to contend with familiarity with the new medium.  Either way, they are interested studies that should be followed up with additional studies that would compare these types of keyboards. 

Do you know of any studies that compare keyboarding effectiveness and speed on virtual and traditional keyboards?

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