Professor Destroys Laptop as a Warning for Students

Talk about an ego-maniacal professor. This professor has serious issues with student-based learning. Watch the video above and you will see Kieran Mullen, a physics professor at the University of Oklahoma, bathe a laptop in Liquid Nitogen and then shatter the computer on the floor with the threat, “Don’t bring laptops and work on them in class!”

What does this mean? Why is he scared of students bringing computers to class? Laptops in class can be a distraction, but it can also be an amazingly interactive tool that will enable the students to find new ideas to integrate with the discussion. Robin Galloway writes about how we run a backchannel in our lecture classes so that students are able to discuss the ideas that are covered in lecture.

What do you think?

  • Do you allow laptops in your lectures or classes?
  • Do you encourage students to use their laptops in class?
  • How do you use laptops to engage your students in the classroom learning experience?


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