Please Take Your Designated Seats. Do NOT Talk. No Need for Creativity Here . . .

Students in Albuquerque have created a Love Letter to Albuquerque Public Schools and have performed it at the Brave New Voices Poetry Slam in July 2010.

This video by Miguel Figueroa, Reed Bobroff, Olivia Gatwood, and Khalid Binsunni is a biting critique of what they have seen in their classrooms. 

They cry out against a lack of creativity and bubble tests. The team of students acknowledge the need for learning because “There are things we need to know to live, but the system will never know that we’ve learned them.”

What does this say about our educational system?  Are we trying to address the lowest denominator of learners through standardized testing?  Obviously the students know that there is a better way to learn and they want to be part of it.
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  1. It is my hope that liberal learning will continue to be supported in higher education. If colleges expect students that can synthesize information, public (and private) education will have to deliver. I see liberal learning as the enemy of the standarized test, so support of it is not supporting the alternative.

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