Not Comfortable with Technology? Get Over It!!!

I was just reading George Couros’ blog, The Principal of Change, where I found some great observations.  I must admit that my feeling about the correctness of George’s ideas has a high correlation to their agreement with my own ideas.  Isn’t it funny?

One of the things that I like about George is his undying dedication to kids. He is a “Principal of Change” who continually works to provide students exciting learning experiences. It’s not about us, it’s about the kids.

What I liked in his posting entitled “Push”. was that he identified a major problem that many educators have with technology – they may “not feel comfortable with this technology.” He says that there are lots of people to us with technology.  He had 3 words for educators who “didn’t feel comfortable” . . .  Get Over It!  Empowering students for their futures isn’t about us, the teachers.  It’s about the students.

Learning is a social activity and today’s social technologies provide a venue through which they can connect with you, the teacher, students in your class, community and around the globe. Couros suggests that teachers need to take risks.  They need to expand outside their comfort zones to provide learning opportunities that are relevant to today’s students.

What do you think?

photo: George Couros

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