11 Tips for Keeping Up with Technology

Theser are some great tips for keeping up.  It was created by @sylviaduckworth The main message is “Don’t try to keep up with it all and build your networks of colleagues to help you keep learning.” Do you have any tips that you would add to this?  Please leave them […]

Are YOU a Helicopter Professor/Teacher?

What do you do when you decide to move from “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side?”  Typically, you spend a GREAT deal of time setting things up so that you can create a learning environment where students learn by researching and doing new ideas instead of listening […]

Teaching STEM Elements Using Rube Goldberg Inventions

How do we teach STEM using exciting and crazy devices like Rube Goldberg Inventions? Today I have the opportunity to share my ideas and experiences with doing just that. I will begin by introducing the facets of STEM education along with 8 essential elements for Problem-Based Learning which is the basis […]