Governor Richardson Ends His Campaign

Well, it happened.

Governor Bill Richardson has decided that he is no longer a viable candidate in the democratic race for president. Having received 2% in Iowa and 5% in New Hampshire, the governor didn’t have the money to continue through to Tsunami Tuesday in early February.

I know that this is not a post about educational technology, but I still believe that Governor Richardson is the best qualified candidate for running our country and his decision to end his campaign is important to me.

The shining light in this decision is that Governor Richardson will be able to return to New Mexico to continue improving his state through his vision and innovations. While I will support whatever decisions he makes about his political future, I hope that he doesn’t pursue vice president. The vice president doesn’t do much and the Gov. will be able to affect many more lives as the New Mexico governor.

Governor Richardson was a catalyst for bringing forth important issues like an immediate end to the Iraq war. He has advocated immediate withdrawal from the beginning but his opponents wouldn’t even commit to withdrawal in 5 years. Because of his untiring advocacy for this position, all of the democratic candidates are now advancing withdrawal in 18 months or less. Thank you, Gov.

It has just been announced but some journalists have already posted their articles covering this change in the presidential race. Guess they had it already written because of the governor’s low returns.

Richardson Leaves the Personality Contest (Yahoo)

I must admit that I learned a great deal about elections through the Richardson race. As you may have noticed on my earlier postings, I assumed the role of Precinct Captain for Richardson and actually the first work I have ever done on a campaign. It was exiting.

I guess the next question is whether or not I will work as hard on the Obama campaign after he receives the Democratic nomination.

In closing, let me say “You’re FIRED, Gov. Richardson!!!”

(This is a joke that only Gov. Richardson and campaign employees will understand. I know about this because my son, Jeff, worked on Richardson’s campaign in Des Moines.

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