Developing Innovation through Invention

While I was at the ISTE conference in Philadelphia last month, I had the opportunity to meet with Bob Greenberg who recorded a few minutes of me talking about how we might integrate this into our classrooms. This is the basis for the presentation I shared at ISTE on using Rube Goldberg in the Classroom to teach STEM with our students.

Bob Greenberg’s Brainwaves Video Anthology

Bob Greenberg has been recording a number of education leaders for his Brainwaves Video Anthology.  These recordings include discussions with leaders in education like Alan Kay, Sir Ken Robinson, David Jakes, Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsey, Yong Zhao, Noam Chomsky, Robert Sternberg, Nicholas Negroponte, Tony Wagner, Linda Darling-Hammond – The liste is endless. 

Watch a couple of these videos and share them with your friends.  Share in our comments what you learned while watching them discuss their ideas.

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