World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg Contraption – a REAL Learning Experience.

Rube Goldberg Contraptions are defined as “a series of chain reactions designed to accomplish a simple task.”  These are incredibly fun and always include a good dose of mirth.  Notice that there is nothing that says anything about the length of time this contraption will take to accomplish the task.  

I just found a video about the slowest and longest Goldberg contraption (Thank you, Marcy Seavey).  This contraption involves all of the slowest materials that you can imagine. It involves a tortoise, a stream of molasses, melting popsicles, and even growing grass that pushes the golf ball along to its destination. 

Below I have included a video of this contraption running from beginning to end.  No, it is not a 6-week YouTube video.  It is carefully parsed and includes time-lapsed photography that takes you from the beginning to the end in 3 minutes.

Wasn’t that amazing?  Below is a Behind the Scenes video of how Bob Partington conceptualized and created this sluggish invention.

Wouldn’t this be fun to do?  What else would you include to create a slower contraption?


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