I have been Griefed!!!

It never rains in Second Life and we never have to worry about crime, right?


I was in our Ed Central Center in Second Life the other night when an individual came into our house and said “Give me something to do. I need some money.” Taken aback, I talked with him. He claimed that he needed money to get a motorcycle like I had. (I don’t have an SL motorcycle but found one parked outside our house a little later.) He said that he needed this motorcycle to get a job.

I don’t remember his name but I did find out that he was Italian. I asked “Why are you being so aggressive about getting this money?”
“Because I am Italian,” he replied.
“Does that give you an excuse for being so rude?” I queried.
After that, he was still insistent but prefaced each of his demands with “Please”.

I just wanted this guy out of my life so I gave him a 4-wheeler car that I got for free at a freebee SL site. He left with this, only to return a couple of minutes later asking how to get it to work.

After he left, I realized that I felt violated. This guy had come to my house demanding money and I paid him off to get out of my life. Do I feel unsafe in SL? Not really. My SL account could disappear and my Real Life wouldn’t be any the worse for it. But I AM somewhat concerned about the safety of the stuff that I have been working on in SL. It isn’t the value of the stuff in the sense of money, but the time that I have spent developing the environment in which we live.

What should you do when you are being griefed? I will discuss this in my next posting.

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