Virtual Lives for Kids? – 8+ Virtual Worlds for Kids

I am teaching an awesome group of educators in my Emerging Instructional Technologies course here at the University of Northern Iowa this week. Yes, we have been meeting online for the past 6 weeks and are presently involved in a 5-day, 40-hour face-to-face class this week. Check out our blog.

Anywho, yesterday we spent 3 hours exploring Second Life. The students found it interesting but frustrating because they wouldn’t be able to use it with their students (Yes, we discussed the Teen Grid.)

One of my students, Sara, was motivated to search for virtual worlds for kids.  She used a wonderful photo of cats and sought 9 virtual worlds.  Unfortunately, she only found 7 (quite a task at that) and is still looking for another 2 to complete her list.

I would suggest that she include the Penguin Club. It basically provides students with a place to hang out virtually.  It is free unless you want some additional options. The membership is $6/month.

Can you find some more virtual worlds for her?  If so, go to her site and add them as comments.
Go read about Sara’s Sighs.

If you want some great reading, read our blogs. My students are practicing educators, IT administrators, office managers and even have a school custodian. They are an amazing group with wonderful visions of what can can be made possible in education through technology.


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  1. Dr. Zeitz makes insightful and intelligent observations here. It is truly difficult to teach old dogs new tricks. But, do you know where old dogs learn best??? CHINA!

  2. I'm glad you linked to Sara's blog – that woman is a machine! I have to admit, I was not thrilled with Second Life. You were EXACTLY right about guys wanting to blow things up. I found an armored suit at the free clothing store, and a moment later I was reminiscing about my single days playing Doom until two in the morning. (Where was the hand grenade store anyway?)

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