Teacher Education: USING technology is Not Enough, MODEL it.

How do teacher educators use technology?

Many of faculty use the BlackBoard content management system for posting grades, emailing their students, providing copies of their PowerPoint presentations and provide assignment pages for students to better understand what is expected in class.

They are USING technology but how are they updating their students’ (future teachers) ideas about what learning opportunities can be made possible using technology? How will these future teachers teach differently than they would have because of this technology application? 

The Apple Classroom of Tomorrow research yielded the 5 Stages of Teaching with Technology. These 5 stages include:

  1. Entry – Teachers learn to use a new technology.
  2. Adoption – Teachers use technology to support traditional instruction.
  3. Adaptation – Teachers integrate new technology into traditional classroom practice.
  4. Appropriation – Teachers focus on cooperative, project-based and interdisciplinary work – incorporating technology as needed and one of many tools.
  5. Invention – Teachers discover new uses for technology tools and allow student to select between the tools.

The applications listed above fit into the Adoption mode of these 5 stages. This does not foster change. We MUST look beyond adopting technology into our curricula. We need to MODEL using technology to provide participatory learning activities in our classes. This requires at working at least at the Adaptation level.

I recently shared a social media video, Social Media Revolution 2, with my colleagues. That email was the inspiration of this posting. (I will specifically address this video in a later posting.) It shares the dramatic changes that social media is creating in our world and underlines how we need to integrate social media into our educational curriculum. 
One of my colleagues suggested that CMS programs like Blackboard will allow us to “mimic some social media but have the advantage of a controlled environment.” This is true. Blackboard provides chatrooms, areas for discussion and places to post podcasts or other links to the web. But are they being used in ways that foster student-centered learning? Will their teacher candidates use these learning experiences as a model for creating stimulating activities for the future students?

One of my colleagues pointed out that some people JUST MODEL technology and never integrate the technology into the teaching/learning process.

The most important aspect of using technology in teacher education is modeling new methods for learning that will mold the teacher candidates’ perspective on teaching.
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  1. I think I can say, with a new found sense of conviction, I am at the adaptation stage of teaching with technology. Who would have ever thunk it? I am actually the one going to my peers (much younger and hipper than I am) and telling them ways I learned to incorporate technology in our lessons and connecting with our students. . . do I hear a "Go Maggie!"? Oh, yeah, I hear it. . .

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