A Taste of the Future: SixthSense Computing from MIT

I was just watching a TED Talks video of Patti Maes describing her SixthSense project at MIT. It is a “wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information.” This computerized device is something that hangs around your neck like a pendant. It is comprised of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera. The mobile computing device is in the user’s pocket.

This is a mobile computing device that can what you see and what you know about your surroundings. This is definitely Augmented Reality where what you see is made more meaningful with additional information. The camera reads the environment and the projector projects images upon whatever is in front of you to provide additional information. When you pick up a book, the computer can look at the AISN number and then beam reviews onto a blank page in the book. If you want to make a phone call, the projector will project a key pad onto your hand and you can just press on the projected numbers to dial. My favorite is that you can just create a box using the thumb and forefinger on each hand and the system will take a photo of what you see through the box (you have to see this one to understand it.)

It is difficult to describe how this system works so you should watch the TED Talk and the additional WUW/SixthSense video (this video has some of the footage used in the TED talk, but it goes beyond that.)

What do you think? How would this device change your life?


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