NECC 2007 – Expanding Your Classroom with the Interactive Web

It’s NECC time!

I assume that if you are reading this, you are probably in my NECC workshop entitled “Expanding Your Classroom with the Interactive Web.”

Instead of creating CDs or killing a lot of trees to provide you with notes of resource addresses for this workshop, I am providing these links to site here on my blog. It’s quicker, it’s easier, AND you can access them with the click of your mouse.

We will discuss the basis of the Interactive Web (AKA “Web 2.0” but I can’t use that term here – it is copyrighted ;-)) We will then explore the educational possibilities of using blogs, wikis, podcatching, podcasting and social networking software in the classroom. By the end of this workshop, if all goes well, each of the attendees will have their own blog, wiki, podcast and accounts.

Here are the resources that we will be using. I am posting this here to share it with you readers, but also so that my students will be able to link to them from this posting instead of having to create a whole different website. (pretty cool, eh?)

Connectivism Website – George Siemens

Classroom Blogs
University Class Assignments
Blog-bib – Annotated bibliography on blogging
Weekly Teacher Blog – 3rd
Student Blog – 5th Grade
Prepare for Field Trip – 4th grade. Sets stage for trip. – Evan McIntosh. Comments/reflects on using tech in ed. – Will Richardson
Dr. Z Reflects – Dr. Z’s humble attempt at blogging.

Overall Blogging Examples

Captain’s Blog – Journal of Captain Mark Bromwich in Afghanistan.
BG Blogging – Creative Writing blogging from Middlebury University
Blogging NECC 2007 – Page full of blogs about NECC 2007
Bloglines – On-line RSS Feed Reader. Get an account.
Technorati – This is the Google for Blogs.

Create Your Own Blog

Blogger – Quick and easy blogging spot.
WordPress – Takes a little longer, but includes tagging and couple of other treats. It’s worth the extra time.

Wikipedia – The encyclopedia created and edited by “the masses”.
Dr. Z’s ITEC Conference 2006 Wiki – Check this out for more . . .

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