Watch the Earth Shake and Twitter About It!!!!

Just heard about a 7.2 earthquake in Baja California through Twitter.  Can you believe that a friend was on a golf course in Palm Springs when she felt the shake. First thing she did was twitter this incident to her tweet-network. Next thing I knew, there were tweets from Palm Springs, San Diego and Orange County. One tweeter mentioned that he was following the LA County Fire Dept’s tweets as they responded to earthquake news. (@lacfd) 
Anywho, I was looking for immediate information about the quake and I found the IRIS Seismic Monitor map. This is OUTSTANDING!!!!  Click on the map above (after you finish reading this posting and leave your comment) and it will take you to their live map of the latest seismic activity around the world. The color of the rings indicates the recency and the size of the rings indicate the magnitude. See the Big Red in the California region?
Click on these buttons to access informative educational resources:
Earthquake Headlines – takes you to the latest Google News about earthquakes;
Special Events – leads you to the Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments page on the IRIS site.
Education Links – links you to the IRIS page on their website that is filled with instructional resources.
This page is a lucky find. Do you see how you might use it in your teaching?
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Photo: IRIS Seismic (
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