Day 4 – NECC in San Diego

This was a good day.

The main event was the Thinking Graphically presentation that Lynne Anderson-Inman and I gave at 11:30. About 40 people attended.

I am now in the Closing Ceremony with about 1200 of my closest friends. Kathy Schrock is doing a presentation on having students create PSAs (Public Service Announcements) as a language arts activity. She is showing a bunch of PSAs that students have created. They are pretty good.

She is now showing a PSA that was created at the ISTE Leadership Symposium. Apparently the attendees did the audio and she ddid the video. She called it “kinda lame.” Who am I to argue?

When she was done, everyone applauded. She said “Applause is soooo 90s.” She had us all open our cell phones and hold them up like kids do at concerts now. I feel updated!!!!!!

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