Everything is R/evolution

I have been fascinated by Dr. Mike Wesch’s video reports on his exploration of mediated culture. He has created and posted 3 videos that have documented his travels into this topic.

Web 2.0 . . . The Machine is Us/ing Us

A Vision of Students Today

Information R/evolution
(Just posted in October)

While these are the primary videos that people discuss when they discuss Dr. Wesch’s work, there are a few others that I have found on YouTube.

Introducing Our YouTube Ethnography Project – Just an intro to the students who are doing the ethnography project. Not too insightful.

WorldSim Preview for Spring 2007 – This is a VERY moving video about using simulations in the classroom to learn about worldwide interaction. It interlaces videos from the world news with video of what appears to be a culmination of a simulation in one of Dr. Wesch’s classes. Being a professor who is always trying to find new ways to get students thinking in my classes, I really liked this video.

I greatly admire Dr. Wesch and the involved atmosphere that he is creating for his students and himself. Perhaps the best part is how this is being documented. You have to wonder about the process that he used to achieve these final products.

You can learn more about this and his mediated cultures work at Kansas State University at http://mediatedcultures.net/

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