Web 2.0: Gadgets, Gizmos, and Widgets

Here are some additional resources to supplement the materials that I have provided on my presentation wiki.

Classroom Blogs

  • Selection and Integration: Readings/Listenings/Watchings/Doings – Use a blog for listing assignments for class.
  • Blog-bib – An annotated bibliography on blogging.
  • Weekly Teacher Blog – 3rd grade teacher’s blog. This is the electronic version of the Friday newsletter for parents. Notice that there is no commenting capacity.
  • Mrs. Sempek’s Wonderful 4th Grade Class – A look at the classroom from the students’ eyes. Recent posts show sign language. Look at the Sept and Oct posts to see their writings.
  • Keying In – Mrs. Olson reflects on “Practicing Keyboarding While Communicating with the World.” This is for the students and their parents and the rest of the world.
  • A Trip to Burritt on the Mountain – Takes the 4th grade students on a virtual visual and textual tour of a museum before they visit so that they will get more from the experience.
  • BG Blogging – Creative Writing blogging from Middlebury University

Overall Blogging Examples

Blogging Utilities

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