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6-word stories could be considered eXtreme short stories. It is said that Ernest Hemmingway once proclaimed his 6-word story, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”, as his best work.

Wired Magazine asks sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers to write their own 6-word short stories.

Pete Berg launched a Six Word Stories blog in Dec, 2008. This is where he stores thousands of 6-word stories. He has these catagorized by subject and author. It is possible to submit your own and receive comments from the readers.

Visual six-word story group project on Flickr

Writing 6-word stories is not easy. You must first envision an event or tale that you want to tell. Then you whittle away the words it would take to convey your ideas about this story. Finally, you have the true essence of your dissertation.

Here is my first feeble attempt:

Blog posting today: six-word stories. – Dr. Z

What have you, can you, will you write in 6 words?
Have you used this in your classes? I met a teacher at my Google Teacher Certification class, but don’t remember his name. He was doing some wonderous things with his students.

Please share your ideas on this.


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