Downloading YouTube Videos with a PaWN

You WON’T believe this!!!!

Think of the times when you wanted to download a YouTube video and it didn’t work. Maybe the website you were using timed out. Or maybe the link in the email never arrived. Whatever it was, it was frustrating!!

Never fear! PWN is here!!!

Thanks to DetURL!, you won’t have to worry about these issues again. I don’t know how it works but DetURL! has developed a hack so that all you have to do is insert the letters “pwn” into a YouTube URL and you will be able to download your favorite YouTube in MP4 and Flash Video formats

Here’s the link to a favorite video of mine:

Want to make that video your own? All you have to do is insert the letters, pwn, before and after the www. and the magic will happen.

The screen will change (See image on the right) and you will have your choice of formats.

Of course, you might want to keep using Converttube or Zamzar but this King of a new trick will keep you from getting Rooked when you are trying to download a video some dark Knight.

What do YOU use?


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  1. That is pretty cool. I am also interested in knowing how this was done. When I download off YouTube, I use a firefox addon called Greasemonkey and a script found at Greasemonkey and allows firefox users to customize script on certain sites, be it YouTube or Facebook or what-have-you to their preference.

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