Engaging Learning Using Emerging Technologies @ IACON 2012

What a wonderful opportunity to speak to the IACON conference in Altoona, Iowa.

Today, I am going to be talking about how we can engage our students using many of the tools that we have online today.

To begin with, our Twitter Hashtag is #IACON2012

You should be able to find the tweets using this hashtag by clicking here.

We also have collaborative notes.  This is a Google Page that is open to the world to edit. It could be more selective, but we are all good people – right? You can find this page at tinyurl.com/iacon12notes 

Readings, Watchings, Listenings and Doings (used by Dr. Z now or recent past)
This are blogs that contain multimedia resources that are to be reviewed and used for the various modules for classes.


AppleiBooks Author



Emerging Instructional Technologies wikibook

TPACKing for a Wonderful Educational Trip wikibook

Audio Feedback to Students



3DGameLab – Boise State University 

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