Blabberize Yourself

Are you looking for a way to bring excitement back into your students’ writing? Has writing become a process that no longer is attractive for your students?

Have them write scripts for their Blabberized pictures. Doesn’t matter if they are people or animals or Martians. is a site where you can upload a photo and create settings that will enable the mouth to move.

All that you do is upload the photo/picture.  Identify the area that you would like to have move when you create the animation.  Here’s a hint. It works best if you pick the whole lower jaw so that it looks like your character is really talking.

Looking for a quick video on how to Blabberize?  Here is one made by one of my students.

How do you use Blabberize?  Can you direct me to an interesting collection of unique blabberized pictures?  Please answer in the comments below.


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