Technology Coordinating for NewBees

This is a session designed for betining tech coordinators – hence the name. =-)

Each plan is part of the CSIP.

Technology Planning:
CIPA – Children’s Internet Protection Act (Governs Images).

Tech Plans: Every school applying for State telecommunications discounts, must have a tech plan approved and on file with STate of Iowa.
Must cover at least 3 years and include goals, strategies and budgt informaiton for 3 years.

Usually includes AUP

Most efficient way to do an AUP is to use an “Opt out” policy instead of an “Opt in.” This means that the students only have to sign a sheet if they DON’T want their kids to use the Internet.

Usually files as part of the District’s CSIP in a 4 question format.

Question asked what to do if the Register photographs kids and then posts the kid’s names on the web. If it includes the child’s name, it circumvents all of the work that the school is doing to guard the kids’ privacy.

What if an employee posts a photo from school on a private web site.

Legal Issues
— Implement an acceptable use policy for all students
— Implement an AUP for all employees. Employees can be the greatest offenders.
— Maintain accurate reords: Software licenses, invoices, purchase orders, & inventory.

Key Relationships
Success as a tech coordinator depends on relationships with:
–District Staff – Admin, School Board, Secretaris, and Custodians.
–Community – Phone company and Co-Ops
–Area Education Agency (AEA)

Managing Chaos
Create a district policy on how to request tech requests:
—Phone calls
—Use “Techies” to handle the easy stuff
—Manage emails
—Communicate with staff

Data Management
–Increased role in Data managemnet and SIS
Student Testing Data
–MAP Testing
State Reports
–Project EASIER
–Certified Enrollment

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