Cover It Live discussion for Dr. Z’s “Creating a PLN” presentation at WEMTA

Begin by visiting our Presentation Wiki. It is filled with links for PLNs.

Here is a link to the CoverItLive online conversation that we will have during our presentation Using Web 2.0 Tools to Create Your PLN.

Below is the session window for the discussion that will be held during Dr. Z’s presentation. You just need to click on the circle in the center of the window and it should open a window where you can enter your name and then enter your comments.

Begin by saying “Hello” to everyone and your city of origin.
Good luck. If you have any problems, turn to your neighbor. Together you can figure it out.


P.S. The presentation will begin at 10:15 but the discussion will officially begin at 10:00 AM

TWITTER FEEDS: We have enabled this discussion to capture Twitter feeds with the HashTags:

As you may know, wemta are the initials for this conference “Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association”. Include either of these in your twitter postings and they should appear here.

What’s YOUR opinion?
Leave a comment and keep the discussion going.

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