Habitudes with Angela Maiers is a GREAT Success!!!!

I told you that Angela Maiers was going to share her work on Habitudes tonight at the University of Northern Iowa. It was FANTASTIC!!!!

I must admit that I don’t have time to reflect on it right now, but Rob Galloway has posted all of the links to the streamed videos and archived chats.  I will add my opinions about this Habitudes experience later in the week.


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0 thoughts on “Habitudes with Angela Maiers is a GREAT Success!!!!

  1. Dr. Z-
    Now that you said that…I can forgive you for posting such an awful picture :-))

    Seriously, those words coming from you mean so much. It was an incredible night for me, and a great way to show the powerful ways we cam open up the conversation beyond our classroom walls! It was, as you might say, “Great Geeking Out!!”

    Thank you again for the opportunity and the support. I would love to hear what your students thought!

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