It’s All About Accuracy, Speed and Technique

Image via Wikipedia Lots of school districts are launching 1-to-1 initiatives in their schools, but they are necessarily providing the keyboarding instruction that their students need to receive if they are going to get the most out of their new computers. Some teachers believe that the students need to take a […]

Who is Attending the ITEC Conference Next Week?

Are you attending the ITEC Conference next week in Des Moines?  You should!!!! It will be an opportunity for over 1500 educators (1350 have registered now and all of the rest of the registration will be done on-site) to get together and share how they use technology to support learning […]

Join Us at the Online PD Community at ITEC

Are you going to the ITEC Conference on Oct 12 – 14?  Will you be heading to Des Moines, Iowa to engage with 1500 other educators on October 12 – 14?   It will be an incredible opportunity to learn about what other educators are doing with Educational Technology in […]

ISTE EdTekHub Publishes MY Two Truths and a Lie

, In my last posting, Getting to Know Your Online Students Through Truths and Lies, I was telling you about an online activity that I using Google Sheets. The activity went well during our first class meeting (instead of reviewing the syllabus and all of that boring stuff) so I thought […]