Alan Kay – Invents the Future

Alan Kay is one of my heros.  He was one of the earliest pioneers in Object-Oriented Programming, personal computing and graphical user interface.  Dr. Kay has had a productive life where he was part of the Xerox PARC where they developed an entire genre of personal computing that was later […]

10 Ways to Get Teachers to Embrace Technology Using Technology to support learning is a useful idea, but sometimes it is difficult to induce teachers to Embrace Change. Notice that I didn’t say Embrace Technology.  Change will only happen when educators believe that there is a reason to change and that it will make a positive difference in […]

Goodbye Mr. Nimoy

I am sorry to hear that Leonard Nimoy has left this dimension to Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.  You can see that my family and I played roles in an episode with Spock and Kirk.  (I am the vulcan on the left side.) What’s YOUR opinion? Leave […]

Who Are My Online Students This Semester?

I have had the privilege of having Educational Leadership students in my distance ed courses from all around the world. I also have a cohort of Instructional Technology Masters students and a class of Undergraduate Teacher Education students from primarily Iowa. 6:00 AM Crowd (9:00 PM in Korea. Last two are […]

Communicating with Students Online

I am finding that one of the toughest parts of online learning is COMMUNICATION. Communication between teacher and students is ALWAYS important but there is another level needed for developing crisp communication lines when you are teaching online.When you are working with online courses, your students are accessing your materials at […]

Reflections of Online Dr. Z

As I pointed out in my last posting, I am experiencing a new world this semester in that I am teaching ALL of my courses online. I have taught online courses in the past, but have always taught 1 or 2 in the classroom face-to-face with my students.  This has […]

I Need Your Help: WordPress or Facebook?

This semester I am teaching completely online.  I am finding it to be quite challenging and have been thinking about chronicling my journey. I want to write a journal of my experiences in teaching all of my classes online this semester and I am trying to select the medium.  I will […]

240+ Apps for Teachers Resources

Which apps should you use as a teacher?   I don’t know – – – it all depends . . . It depends upon what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and who you want to achieve it with …I was just wandering the web when […]