I Have Been Online TOO MUCH!!!!!

 THAT’S IT!!! IT’S BEEN TOO MUCH!!! Today I returned to campus to sign some things and do some work. I have spent most of the last 7 months teaching from home in my basement. All of my classes have been online as well as my meetings. Just for a change, […]

Dr. Z’s 18 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

  Click Here to Access the Whole Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts ZOOM IS AWESOME!! Right?  It enables you to connect with colleagues, family, students, teachers, customers, and everyone else.  You can attend online classes through Zoom. You can participate in virtual conferences and conventions.  You can even attend church with your friends […]

Looking for a Break while Zooming?

A few years ago, I contacted Zoom and suggested that it would be useful if there was a way that I could write something on the screen so that if I had to leave my chair during my 2 hours of Zoom Student Hours.  This might be something as simple […]

9 Secrets for Successful Global Collaboration Projects

Global Collaboration projects can be incredible.  Students and teachers have the opportunity to meet andwork with people from anywhere in the world. They get to share their ideas and collaboration to create wonderful projects. They can definitely change your viewpoint about the world and those who inhabit it. While Global […]

Dr. Z in Star Trek

Sometimes we share things that aren’t necessarily about using technology in the classroom.  Sometimes I like to share events outside of the classroom.  Here is an event that I experienced with my family over 25 years ago.   After combing the Star Trek archives, I have found the long lost Star […]