What Would You Ask a Real Teacher?

amandajohn.weebly.com Think about the time when you were studying to be a teacher.  It might have been last year or many years ago or you might still be in an Educator Preparation/Teacher Education program (hopefully at the University of Northern Iowa😉).  The most important part of your program was your […]

The State of EdTech 2019-2020

What IS the State of EdTech?   EdTech Digest has released their perception of what to expect for the next year. State of  EdTech 2019-2020 This includes the top 100 influencers in EdTech.   It also includes a list of upcoming trends.  These are surprises, but that is because they are trends […]

Looking for an ISTE PLN #Hashtag?

Hello Reflectors; I hope that you are all familiar with the incredible network of educators that ISTE supports.  They have a mega-community of educators comprised of over 20 specialty communities (PLNs) that range from Global Collaboration to Digital Storytelling to Inclusive Learning to STEM Networks.   One of my favorite aspects […]

Join us for the #iaedchat on Sunday (10/21) @ 8:00 CDT

Identifying Technology Needs for Today’s Educators  This Sunday, I will lead a tweetchat at #iaedchat on Sunday (10/21) @ 8:00 CDT.  We will discuss the skills, tools, and mindset that teachers who are successful in using educational technolog have in today’s classrooms. These are the questions that we plan to use: Are new […]